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The Second Corona Book of Horror Stories

Written under his former pen name (Tina Grehm), Felix's short story "Back to the Soil" can be found in this terrifying anthology.

From childhood to old age … to death … and beyond, different voices, different perspectives, old horrors in new lights and new horrors for your delight. The Second Corona Book of Horror Stories has it all. 17 stories selected following a worldwide call for submissions that celebrate the very best in new horror writing.

Black Rainbow Vol. 1
The monsters burst forth from the closet in this collection of 25 terrifying tales. These scary stories feature characters that span a spectrum of identities and genders and were written by a diverse range of LGBTQIA authors and allies. What would you do to protect the ones you love? Would you follow them beneath the lapping waters of a moonlit lake? Could you hide away forever and vow to never love again? Would you face the thing that creeps through their room in the dark of night? Could you tell a lie to spare them a more horrible truth? Most importantly -- How do you continue to face yourself after the many awful things you've done?

Come out, come out, wherever you are. Hold your head up high and try to find the rainbows hiding in the midnight sky.


Monsters Out of the Closet:
Episode 19
In unpredictable times, RITUALS can be a lifeline...or a more insidious undertow.

The No Sleep Podcast: Season 13 Episode 6
There's something in the woods. Something old and ancient that's coming, beckoned by the howls of caged dogs.
To listen to the short story "The Puppy Mill", be sure to buy the full episode for a mere $1.99.


The Third Corona Book of Horror Stories
In response to our worldwide call, we received a total of 824 horror short story submissions for this book – adding up to a staggering total of over three million words. But we read them all, selecting only the best of the best stories to include in this book. That is why when we say this book is something special, we mean it – and that when we say it contains the best in new horror short stories, that is no hyperbole.


Wickedly Abled
Tired of future worlds so-called utopias where disabled people have been erased by eugenic scientists? Dreaming of science-fiction that properly labels such depictions as dystopias for those of us who are physically and neurologically atypical? Are you sick of horror stories where mutation, mental illness, and deformity are signs of inherent evil? Are you interested in dissecting the way in which old tropes about disability informed the oldest of fairy tales and camp side stories? Do you want to demystify disabilities that have been considered by the able- bodied as signs of some sort of curse? Challenge the abliest and saneist realms which have plagued world-building in fantasy, horror, science-fiction and fairy tale mythologies since the dawn of mankind?